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For early stage startups, hiring the right team is THE biggest test that Founding teams face. 

Your first 50 hires will make or break your startup. 

appetite helps Founders to hire amazing employees to take their startups to the next level.

appetite 4 Growth

Our model was designed specifically for startups that meet the following criteria:

take the headache out of hiring

Our mission is simple: to help startups hire amazing teams by providing comprehensive, and more importantly, scalable end-to-end recruitment solutions.

What We're About.

Doing one thing well. We do recruitment from A-Z. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. Every day we come in and develop the best custom recruitment strategies geared toward helping you scale your startup. Use the best technology. Source and assess people with an expert eye. And let our recruiters and your startup hiring leaders do the rest.

There is a real sense of satisfaction from serving both candidates and startups like you well. Superior service. Unmatched communication. Strategic solutions customized to your business.

Our reward? Seeing you and your startup find talent with speed. Top talent finding purpose working at your startup. That’s why we stick to Recruitment-as-a-Service. 


appetite has 3 service offerings to match your startups needs as you scale.

Technical Recruiter

  • Full Cycle Recruitment
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Posting
  • Applicant Vetting
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Feedback Commuication

Head of Talent

  • Tech Recruiter plus...
  • Custom Talent Plan
  • Tools Evaluation
  • Job Postings
  • Candidate Experience
  • Hiring Signals
  • Interview Process
  • Talent Marketing Plan

Head of People

  • Tech Recruiter +
  • Head of Talent plus...
  • Compensation Analysis
  • HR Compliance Audit
  • HR Documentation
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Gap Analysis
Our goal is bring startups a talent acquisition team without having to pay exorbitant costs...contingent search fees or setting up a team internally. We help you create a superior candidate experience, bring you top talent, and formulate assessments to ensure the right people for the right role. We bring service delivery like top tech companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and Zoom.

Our process.

Making the complex simple.

We help startups to develop clear strategies and a roadmap to attract, engage, and secure top talent as quick as possible, without skimping on the details.



No two startups are the same. The first step is to understand your startup, hiring needs and metrics for successful growth.



Create a custom, tailored recruitment plan designed specifically for your startup.



Identify, attract, and hire top talent while implementing recruiting processes that set you up to scale.



Our ultimate goal is to help you replace our services with a top performing internal talent team to help you scale for long term success.

Why appetite

"The first 50 hires that you make determine the culture, competency, and ultimately the success of your startup. Trying to go back and fix the culture after is a heavy lift, if not impossible. Startups that go on to achieve maximum impact understand the need to focus on hiring the right talent from day one."
Mike Haydon
Co-Founder & CEO

Expert Recruiters

All of our recruiters are ex-Google, ex-Facebook or have a track record of finding top tier talent saving you time reviewing irrelevant resumes or screen candidates who don't meet your technical bar.

Diversity Hiring

The longer a startup goes without implementing a diversity hiring strategy, the harder it is to grow a diverse team. We have extensive experience helping startups to develop a diversity initiative designed to hire from a diverse talent pool.


Our solutions provide you with the ability to ramp up or down based upon your unique needs. We also offer ad hoc services so just ask.

Tech Network

Combined experience of 25+ years in tech recruiting for startups with a well established network of talent to pull from.

Data Driven

Data driven recruiting using facts and stats to help inform hiring decision, from selecting candidate to creating hiring plans, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Moving the Needle

Developing new processes, enhancing tools, improving the candidate experience all add to moving things forward. Rome wasn't built in a day and there is no overnight solution to building an amazing team. You just need to move the needle every day.

Start Up Talent

Find the career you always wanted today.

People are what drives businesses forward and are at the heart of what we do. We help people find the best roles in the tech industry.  Not just a job but a place of belonging, connection, diversity, growth, and challenge. We unite top talent to startups who are changing the way business is done. Visionaries. Unicorns. Disruptors.

If you’re passionate about startups and value hard work, taking ownership, and are self driven, connect with us today. appetite will help you find roles that aren’t listed online or on job boards.

Connect with us!

Just tell us about yourself.  Our recruiters would love to learn more about who you are and the opportunity you’re looking for.  They’ll be in touch as soon as the best possible role becomes available. 

Meanwhile, follow us on our blog, LinkedIn, and be watching for helpful resources, industry updates, and tips.


Don't take our word for it.

appetite provides recruiting peace of mind. The fully-dedicated recruiter model works extremely well at both sourcing candidates that meet our unique search criteria but also saving us tons of time in operations and managing the recruiting pipeline. Mike and Liza were also fantastic to work with — smart, responsive, and super friendly.


Esteban Castano

Co-Founder + CEO, TRM

Founding Team

appetite’s technical recruiters have startup expertise from companies that shaped their industries.  Companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Apple.

Our Founding team has over 25 years of experience in helping startups reach their full potential.

Meet appetite's Founding Team

Mike Haydon

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike has the unique perspective having been a startup Founder himself scaling a business to success and sell. He gets the challenges you face daily. He has significant experience in technical recruitment filling niche roles. Mike would say Founders need to focus on product, customers and millions of other things but would be wise to select a recruitment-as-a-service rather than doing it themselves. 

Liza Lebovitz

Co-Founder + Head of Delivery

Liza has a high bar for technical recruiting based on her experience at Facebook. She has mastered the processes behind identifying top talent and avoiding the placement of bad candidates. She would say recruitment needs to be based on a well articulated formula and not be a subjective decision.

Sue Putlock

Director of Operations

Sue brings expertise in full cycle international human resources recognizing the importance of being flexible to a company’s need to pivot due to external factors. She has worked across different industries consulting with startups. Sue would say you need to establish a solid foundation early to ensure the right culture, values, processes and compliance in today’s legal landscape.

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