Startup Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

    Research shows that a diverse and inclusive team leads to innovative results. Startups see better financial results, increased creativity, and stronger relationships while boosting their employer brand. It is imperative that startups work on their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

    Diversity encompasses more than just race and gender. Diversity is so much more than that. Diversity encompasses both visible and invisible traits. Diversity can encompass disability, gender identity, cultural background, socio-economic level, marital status, etc. There are two categories: inherent and acquired diversity. Acquired diversity refers to the characteristics a person can develop late in life like education, knowledge, values, etc.

    67% of candidates say that diversity is important when considering a job. Candidates want to know what you are doing to increase diversity and inclusion at your startup.

    Diversity isn’t synonymous with inclusion. The two terms are used together but are entirely different yet mutually dependent. One is not possible without the other.

    If you want to attract diverse talent and retain it, you need to foster an inclusive culture. Founders need to cultivate an inclusive environment, an environment where everyone feels welcomes. Startups need to create conditions where its diverse employees can contribute in their own way. One way to achieve this is through collaboration with your team. Company events is proven to be the most effective initiative.

    “Inclusiveness is about creating a culture where everyone can be themselves and where people can be their best.”

    Pip Marlow
    Microsoft Australia

    Increasing diversity typically means employing more minorities tailored to your startups needs. Your startups needs depend on your setting. Start by measuring your recruitment and hiring practices and pick a metric that is relevant to your startup.  You can also review your job description language to ensure it does not exclude entire groups of potential candidates (e.g., women, minorities’, disabled).

    Review your company brand to see if it values all opinions and work on promoting it. Discuss the benefits of having a diverse team and ensure our culture reflects your brand to attract diverse candidates. Ensure the language and images on your company website showcase your values.

    In order to boost diversity within your startup, it is the Founder’s role to create the vision, nurture the culture, and the rest of the company will follow.

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