Sue Putlock

Startup Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

    Research shows that a diverse and inclusive team leads to innovative results. Startups see better financial results, increased creativity, and stronger relationships while boosting their employer brand. It is imperative that startups work on their diversity and inclusion initiatives. Diversity encompasses more than just race and gender. Diversity is so… Read More »Startup Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

    Nontraditional Talent Pipeline

      Increase in digitization has affected hiring practices creating applicant tracking systems that collect, sort, and rank thousands of resumes automatically identifying top candidates for any role. Chatbots can engage, source and screen candidates based on predetermined metrics. But with all the advancements one thing remains stagnant: credential requirements. Most companies… Read More »Nontraditional Talent Pipeline

      7 Tips for Virtual Onboarding

        Even before the current pandemic, there was a 46% shift in companies moving to remote work arrangements. However Founders can underestimate the importance of onboarding new employees. In fact, 22% of companies have no formal onboarding process while 49% have a successful process. Onboarding new team member is not a… Read More »7 Tips for Virtual Onboarding